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Words of Wisdom From One So Young

October 19, 2009

I have been blessed with an incredible son who is not only talented, but wise beyond his years. For mother’s day he gave me a card in which he wrote a message that both soothed my pain and gave advice. The strange thing is, he had no idea at the time that I was struggling with one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. His words gave me courage. I share them with you below.

“Sometimes the weight of all our stresses and obligations can feel like an unmanageable burden, in turn clouding our focus and shifting our sights from the things that really matter in life. Careers are fleeting, and money comes and goes. Don’t forget that your greatest impact on the world around you comes not from professional success, but from your relationships with the people who love you, be they friends or family, blood or not. You taught me that happiness flows from the giving of yourself to others rather than from ambition, and that surrendering your mind to worry over things that are beyond your control cannot be sustained for long.

We all have days where the road ahead seems to stretch out much too far, and we want nothing more than to give up. Just please remember that TLC is NOT your life. I am. Carole is. Your family and friends are. Your life is the people that you care about and the things that make you feel passion. We are all here to help shoulder your burdens and lift you up when you fall. I wish that you could see the overwhelming success in your own life that I see, and the vast amount of love and respect that so many others have for you. If there’s one thing you should never feel, it’s alone, as there are many places to turn for encouragement, to vent, or simply for a shoulder to cry on.

When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, simply remind yourself that you are very much loved and appreciated, and that the wealth of spirit, friendship, and positive will that you possess can neither be surpassed nor diminished by anybody or anything that work can throw at you. I love you Mom, and I’m always here for you.”



October 9, 2009

If you have been reading my blog, you know that my personal journey over the last year has been both tumultuous and eye opening. Over the last twelve months I have felt both tremendous pain and great joy. I have experienced the depths of despair and at times, lost faith in my fellow man. My confidences have been breached and those who claimed they were friends abandoned me. I guess this is just part of living.

But today, my heart is hurting for some people I hold dear. Over the last nine years I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented, generous, loving and selfless people who constantly give of themselves, share their incredible talents and skills while seeking nothing in return.  Fredilyn Sison, Carl Bettinger, Lynne Bratcher and Katlin Larimer have enriched the lives of many people, mine included, in innumerous ways and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each of them. Their gifts have been freely given and the time and energy devoted to helping others have been immense.

Sadly, the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished is being put into action by the new president of TLC. Punishment for the failure to swear allegiance to or accede to the opinions/demands/ideas or vision of those at the top is coming in the form of a swift kick out the door.  Make no mistake; there is nothing voluntary in the departures of Fredi, Carl, Lynne and Katlin from the TLC Board of Directors. No amount of spin or propaganda can change the facts.  And to make matters worse, Fredi, Carl and Katlin were asked for their resignations on the eve of the Advanced Workshop. Because they are professionals and deeply ethical, they continued to give their all to the students, with no word about their betrayal by people who claimed to be their friends.

Today is indeed a sad day for TLC, for the alumni and future students. To all of you who have been rejected and set aside, you may be being forced out; with little more than a cursory thank you and insincere word of appreciation, but those whose lives you have touched will not forget you. Take comfort in the words of Gerry Spence, shared in his blog posting “The Great Gift of Rejection.“ According to Gerry Spence, rejection is a gift. “By having been rejected by those who I wanted to take me I have, involuntarily remained free, which has been the greatest gift of all.  Those who rejected me knew best.  I owe them great thanks. . . .”

Accordingly, embrace the gift of rejection that Jude Basile and TLC have given you. You are now free. You don’t need a college or a ranch to make an impact on people or a difference in their lives. There are plenty of places to share your gifts. Don’t let those foolish enough to set you aside minimize your self worth and the contributions you have made to the lives of many. Remember, life is short. Perhaps it is time to take back control of your life, recognize who your true friends are, and spend your time, energy and talent on people who and organizations that value both you and your gifts.